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Welcome to the new home of Chet Erez's wonderful d20 Indices.

With Crystal Keep gone, this page attempts to preserve the legacy of Chet's amazingly useful indexes. Enjoy!


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The section to the right contains all the 3.5 Edition rules indexes. The 3.0 Edition rules indexes are not available on this website.

The indexes on this page were all provided by Chet Erez ([email protected]).

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: The site is no longer hosted by Chet Erez, and is provided AS IS. If a link is dead, do not expect it to be fixed. If there are issues with the site, please email [email protected], but do not expect fixes quickly. This archived site is not being maintained and I will only intervene if there is a catostrophic issue.


General Index Files for D&D 3.5

ZIP of All Index Files PDF (zipped) (26,282k) DOC (zipped) (7,822k) 10/06/07
Equipment PDF (493k) DOC (1,796k) 10/06/07
Basic Classes PDF (1,492k) DOC (8,200k) 03/02/07
Prestige Classes PDF (1,127k) DOC (2,517k) 03/02/07
Feats PDF (2,010k) DOC (5,913k) 10/06/07
Races PDF (1,217k) DOC (4,360k) 10/06/07
Creatures PDF (301k) DOC (1,498k) 10/06/07
Templates PDF (1,095k) DOC (896k) 10/06/07
Skills and Actions PDF (1,295k) DOC (2,618k) 10/06/07
Deities PDF (398k) DOC (1,157k) 10/06/07

Magic Item Index Files for D&D 3.5

All Magic Items   DOC (3,970k) 02/11/09
Magic Weapons & Armor PDF (405k)   03/02/07
Magic Potions, Staves, Misc PDF (371k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Name) PDF (886k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Type) PDF (1,175k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Location) PDF (875k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Cost) PDF (923k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Creator Level) PDF (919k)   03/02/07
Magic Personal (by Source) PDF (866k)   03/02/07

Spell Index Files for D&D 3.5 (DOC)

Full Spell List DOC (2.59m) 09/24/07
Spell Descriptions DOC (5.56m) 09/24/07
Sorted Spell List DOC (522k) 09/24/07

Spell Index Files for D&D 3.5 (PDF)

All Spells (by Name) PDF (329k) 12/13/05
All Spells (by Class) PDF (607k) 12/13/05
Cleric Domains PDF (1,010k) 12/13/05
Assassin Spells PDF (165k) 12/13/05
Bard Spells PDF (328k) 12/13/05
Cleric Spells PDF (483k) 12/13/05
Druid Spells PDF (412k) 12/13/05
Paladin Spells PDF (192k) 12/13/05
Ranger Spells PDF (203k) 12/13/05
Sorcerer/Wizard Spells PDF (800k) 12/13/05
Artificer Infusions PDF (268k) 02/06/06
Warlock Invocations PDF (169k) 05/21/06

Monster Index Files for D&D 3.5

Monsters (by Type/Hit Dice?)   DOC (8.44m) 08/12/09
Monsters (by Name) PDF (905k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Challenge Rating) PDF (966k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Hit Dice) PDF (863k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Subtype) PDF (732k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Environment) PDF (1,746k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Class Feature) PDF (694k)   10/06/07
Monsters (by Size) PDF (900k)   10/06/07

New (aka Never Listed on Crystal Keep) Files

Pathfinder DOC (2.78m) 07/27/09
Dungeon Adventures DOC (6.57m) 08/12/09